damn all

damn all
damn all Brit. informal nothing.
Main Entry: damn

English terms dictionary. 2015.

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  • damn all — noun slang Britain : nothing hadn t … the courage to tell Yeats that he knew damn all about the Russian writer Sean O Casey * * * damn all (informal) Nothing at all • • • Main Entry: ↑damn * * * damn all british impolite …   Useful english dictionary

  • damn all — British impolite nothing at all He s done damn all since he got in this morning …   English dictionary

  • damn-all — /dæm ˈɔl/ (say dam awl) Colloquial –noun 1. a negligible amount: he s done damn all today. –adjective 2. very few. 3. negligible; trifling …  

  • damn all Brit. — damn all Brit. informal nothing. → damn …   English new terms dictionary

  • damn all —  Nothing …   A concise dictionary of English slang

  • damn — ► VERB 1) (be damned) (in Christian belief) be condemned by God to eternal punishment in hell. 2) harshly condemn. 3) curse. ► EXCLAMATION informal ▪ expressing anger or frustration. ► ADJECTIVE informal ▪ u …   English terms dictionary

  • damn — damn1 [dæm] interjection not polite 1.) used when you are very annoyed or disappointed ▪ Damn! I ve locked my keys in the car. 2.) used when something is impressive or surprising ▪ Damn, she s old. damn 2 damn2 adv [+ adjective/adverb] informal… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • damn — 1 adjective (only before noun) spoken used to show that you are angry or annoyed with someone or something: I can t get this damn button undone! 2 adverb (+ adj/adv) spoken 1 used to emphasize how good something is, how bad something is etc; very …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • damn — I UK [dæm] / US interjection impolite used when you are annoyed about something Damn! I ve broken one of my nails. II = damned damn UK [dæm] / US or damned UK [dæmd] / US adjective [only before noun] impolite used for emphasizing what you are… …   English dictionary

  • damn — v., n., adj., & adv. v.tr. 1 (often absol. or as int. of anger or annoyance, = may God damn) curse (a person or thing). 2 doom to hell; cause the damnation of. 3 condemn, censure (a review damning the performance). 4 a (often as damning adj.) (of …   Useful english dictionary

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